When your Chicago-area commercial or residential structure needs restoration, our masonry restoration craftsmen will bring your building back to its original condition and form. Our services include chemical cleaning, rebuilding, replacement and tuckpointing. We use new and salvaged materials, based on the integrity of your old materials, to recreate the original style of your structure. From a terra cotta façade on a hundred-year-old building to a 40-year-old building with water damage, our masonry restoration work will give your commercial and residential structures a new lease on life

Restoration services

Our restoration services include:

  • Replacement masonry: We will remove your cracked, broken and/or spalled masonry and replace it with a masonry unit matched in color and texture to the original masonry unit
  • Tuckpointing: We repair the mortar joints in masonry walls of your commercial or residential building. We do this by grinding out mortar joints to a depth of approx. ¾” using electrical grinders and hand chisels and then brush and rinse them before applying two compacted layers of Type N mortar. We’ll finish your tuckpointing project by match the existing mortar joints on the original structure.

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