Ravinia Apartments

Location: 515-555 Roger Williams Ave., Highland Park, Illinois

Architect: Fitzgerald Associates Architects

Contractor: Horizon Construction Group
5201 East Terrace Drive, #300
Madison, Wisconsin

Scope of work: New Masonry

  • Furnish, set-up, maintain, dismantle and remove all equipment (hydro-mobile scaffolding, forklift, tube scaffolding, ladders, hand tools, etc.) necessary for the new masonry portion of the project.
  • Furnish and install modular sized face brick necessary for erecting new exterior masonry veneer as per drawings (Typically Endicott Medium Ironspot #77 smooth modular with #46 accents at the flemish bond near the top of the walls). Brick to be installed in running bond using colored type ‘N’ mortar as per specs. Mortar joints to be tooled concave, brushed and tooled to a final finish.
  • Furnish and install fully grouted bond beam courses at each floor, roof, and near tops of walls with two (2) grade 60 #5 rebar installed as per structurals. 8” and 10” bond beams as per structurals.
  • Vertical reinforcement to be typically one (1) grade 60 #5 rebar every 32” O.C. (#5 @ 16” O.C. and fully grouted at grid line #) installed as per structurals.
  • Horizontal reinforcement to be ladder/hook type wire installed in masonry coursing every 16” O.C. vertically as per drawings.
  • Furnish and install one (1) two-piece adjustable anchor every 16” O.C. for brick veneer.
  • Install loose steel lintels furnished by others on project site as necessary.
  • Furnish and install terminated 40mil self-adhesive flashing over a 3” stainless steel drip edge at the base of masonry walls, at steel relief angle (furnished and installed by others) and over openings in masonry with cell vent “weeps” installed in masonry head joints every 24” O.C. Furnish and install mortar trap at flashing locations as per drawings. Flashing will be installed without mortar trap at stone sill locations and cotton rope weeps will be used.