Lockport Animal Hospital

Location: 1139 E 9th Street, Lockport, Illinois

Architect: Linden Group Inc
Contractor: RWE Management Company

Scope of work: New E.I.F.S.

  • Furnish, set-up, maintain, dismantle and remove all equipment (lifts, tube scaffolding, ladders, hand tools, etc.) necessary for new E.I.F.S. portion of the project.
  • Furnish and install approximately 1,150 S.F. of new E.I.F.S. at the exterior of the building as per drawings. E.I.F.S. to be StoTherm Essence System® (or equal system).
  • Mechanically fasten insulation board to substrate over Tyvek installed by others as per drawings.
  • Furnish and apply 48” standard mesh over previously rasped insulation board (9 ½” at termination points) and fully embed mesh into wet base coat (Sto 101 PAB) by troweling from center to the edges of the mesh (double wrapping mesh at all corners).
  • Furnish and apply finish to base coat using trowel to scrape material down to a uniform thickness. Finish color and texture to be as per drawings. Custom Lymstone finish has been included as per drawings..
  • Installation of aesthetic accents, (trims, quoins, cornices, V-grooves, drip edges, etc.) per drawings. 
  • Furnish and install caulking in those areas where E.I.F.S. butts against dissimilar material as per drawings (metal, masonry, wood, etc.).  Caulking to consist of installing 3/8” backer rod and filling with a one-part silicone sealant (Tremco® 3 or equal).