Chicago Mitzvah Campaign Project

Location: 6745 N. California Ave., Chicago

Architect: YMK Architecture

The Chicago Mitzvah Campaign was developed to provide help and support to patients and seniors from the entire Chicago Jewish community. The center offers services when people need them most, at times of frailty, illness, infirmity and loss. Their programs provide social support, material aid, spiritual counsel, Jewish traditions and observances.

Located on the intersection of a main artery of the West Ridge Chicago neighborhood, the new 13,000 sf. building features a strong corner presence, accented by new E.I.F.S. The modern design reflects the leadership of the organization whose mission is to always seek new ways to serve the community with as much positive impact as possible.

Upon completion, the new building will house the following:

  • A magnificent new CMC Senior Center facility, offering a large atrium, dedicated exercise room with modern equipment, classrooms, computer room and library, and more.
  • A fabulous, state-of-the-art kitchen that will serve as the cooking and food preparation facility for the new “United Bikur Cholim Kitchen,” comprised of a very exciting new partnership between the CMC and the Chicago Chesed Fund, Sharlene Levinson Bikur Cholim, and Chai Lifeline organizations.
  • Expanded office and working space for CMC Rabbis and Sofrim.
  • Private, comfortable counseling rooms for family consultations.
  • Additional space to comfortably house an expanded transportation hub for dispatch, drivers and vehicles.

Scope of work: New E.I.F.S.

  • Furnish, set-up, maintain, dismantle, and remove all equipment (booms, tube scaffolding, ladders, hand tools, etc.) necessary for new E.I.F.S. portion of the project.
  • Furnish and install approximately 6,254 S.F. of new E.I.F.S. at exterior elevations as per drawings. E.I.F.S. to be Dryvit System®.
  • Furnish and apply Dryvit fluid applied air and moisture barrier to substrate, as necessary.
  • Furnish and apply Dryvit Primer/Basecoatto the back of insulation board using notched trowel and apply insulation board to substrate.
  • Furnish and apply 48” standard mesh over previously rasped insulation board (9 ½” at termination points) and fully embed mesh into wet base coat by troweling from center to the edges of the mesh (double wrapping mesh at all corners).

Furnish and apply finish to base coat using trowel to scrape material down to a uniform thickness. EIFS/Dryvit-  (outside of canopy)

Finnish: Finesse 

Color: Use Color-match to Pac-Clad; Musket Gray. 

EFIS/Dryvit-  (inside of canopy)

Finnish: Finesse 

Color: Color-match to custom color selection (still) TBD

  • Installation of aesthetic accents, (trims, quoins, cornices, V-grooves, drip edges, etc.) per drawings. 
  • Furnish and install caulking in those areas where E.I.F.S. butts against dissimilar material as per drawings (metal, masonry, wood, etc.).  Caulking to consist of installing 3/8” backer rod and filling with a one-part silicone sealant (Tremco® 3 or equal).