AGB – Stone Façade

Location: 545 S. Western Ave. Chicago, IL 60620
Architect: ONYX Architectural Services Inc, 750 N Franklin St # 207, Chicago, IL 60654
Contractor:GMA Construction Group, 3520 South Morgan Street, Chicago, IL 60609

Scope of work:

New Masonry:

  • Furnish, set-up, maintain, dismantle and remove all equipment (tube scaffolding, ladders, hand tools, etc.) necessary for the new masonry portion of the project.
  • Furnish and install thin stone veneer at the new addition of building
  • Installation to consist of covering substrate with one (1) layers of 30 lb. felt paper, fastening metal lathe over felt paper using galvanized screws/nails, applying scratch coat and lastly thin stone. 
  • Chemical washing of new thin stonework upon completion of project as needed.