About Us

Chicago Masonry Construction is a full service masonry, E.I.F.S./stucco and caulking contractor serving architects, construction managers, condominium associations, developers, general contractors, homeowners and private and public institutions. Projects range in size from several thousand dollars to well over one million dollars.

Our success as a leading local masonry contractor is based on our commitment to teamwork, as well as mutual respect for local and national partners such as:

We are committed to providing the highest level of expertise at the best value for masonry in the construction industry. Chicago Masonry Construction was founded in 1996, and our team has been dedicated to providing quality service and workmanship across Chicagoland ever since. In the words of our late founder, Joseph Voelker, “The best value means building a product with the highest degree of workmanship and providing unparalleled service to our customers.”

Our long-term strategy of the highest standards of masonry workmanship at the best value has been the driving force for our success. Our uncompromising service demands hiring, training and retaining a professionals who are known to be the best in the business, and our long-standing customers are proof of our dedication to quality.

Our team of estimators, project managers and foremen work closely with general contractors, owners, architects and developers throughout every project to ensure that the work is completed on time and on budget. The foundation of our success lies in our uncompromising commitment to safety, training, quality and innovation.

We are an Accredited Quality Contractor, committed to providing our clients with the highest quality construction services, and we care deeply about our employees and the communities in which we build.