why choose chicago masonry construction

7 reasons architects and contractors choose Chicago Masonry Construction

There’s a reason that Chicago Masonry has been around since the mid-90s, and architects, general contractors and project managers count on us for dependable service and outstanding workmanship. 

What it’s like to work with Chicago Masonry

  1. Workmanship. First and foremost, we do the job well. Our expert craftsmanship is accurate and aesthetically appealing. More importantly, we don’t cut any corners on our masonry construction so your finished project will stay strong and dry for the long run.
  2. We stay on top of trends. Masonry may be as old as man, but there are nonetheless new developments in the field. When new systems or software are released that can improve the end product for our clients, we are the first to know. We are subject matter experts in our field and are sure to be among the first to research and adopt any new best practices or technology.
  3. We look out for the customers’ best interests. Although we remain price conscious, we are committed to masonry best practices that last and keep water out. For example, when an architect calls for one wall tie, we still may plan for two ties will allow for flexibility and movement and avoid cracks. This way, we reduce the risk for masonry system failure in the long run.
  4. Fast estimates. We turn around bids within 24 hours of your request for proposal. Our 3D estimating software ensures more accuracy in the bid we provide. 
  5. Customer service. There are always unexpected issues on any construction project, and we do what we can to make it easier on our clients without adding costs. For example, if we go out on a job to create an opening and find that the door wasn’t previously removed, we will go ahead and remove it for the client. We do what we can to go above and beyond customer expectations.
  6. Outstanding communication. Thanks to our office team, we are available 24/7 for our clients and the superintendents on our projects.
  7. Capacity for big projects. Our projects range in size from several thousand dollars to well over one million dollars. We can float a job for 90 days before payment, so we have a higher capacity to take on big jobs. We always buy the material and never force the owner or general contractor to incur our costs.

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